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Originally Posted by 335dM View Post
Running a tune with JBD and meth and a IC !!!
Well, that car has an Evolve remap, stacked with a customized JBD that progressively adds pwr based on rpm, and H2O/methanol injection at ~650 ml/min (based on AEM flow gauge data) at max boost. But the IC is stock. The H2O injection pulls intake temps down below ambient temps even on hot summer days on multiple pulls based on Bavarian Technic logged data.

The progressive JBD mod is key to keeping torque levels below the rated capacity of the transmission. It's only adding in pwr after the remap torque curve is starting to fall off. It's below the stock "0" setting until ~2500rpm and peaks at ~90-95% at 4400rpm. Makes for a nice, broad torque curve. It's also nice because the rail pressure distortion is at near stock levels during the rpm's where the ECU's injector calibration adaptation routine occurs.

The remap also increases boost for better utilization of the extra fuel (less soot formation and loading of the DPF), and the H2O injection reduces peak cylinder pressures and NoX formation, as well as further reduces soot formation (based on published papers).

It's been a good combo over the last several months which gives good performance and efficiency with little fuss. And it doesn't use much H20/methanol (fill the washer fluid resevoir about once every 1-2 months). Largely because it doesn't use much boost unless you get on it, and then you're speeding before you know it . . .