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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
I think the above is a dumb response. The tires were brand-new, and the OP has not left the lot, i.e. he hasn't driven the vehicle. Such a response would be like saying you bought a new car, and as you were taking delivery, you noticed a screw in the tire.

I agree you have to give shops/people a chance to make things right, but I can't see have a plugged tire from mile 0.

People who play the first world problem card, have you ever been to a third world country and visited orphanages, or seen the elderly thrown away like garbage, or do you simply repeat phrases you've seen on the web? There really is no relationship between a BMW service resolution, and people starving to death. I want to use a 4 letter acronym which starts with a capital S, and ends with a capital U, but I'll hold off.
Okay, but it's just a screw in the tire and it was an accident. The OP seems to be making a Federal case over it on the internet when the shop has not yet had the opportunity to fix the problem. The OP has made a statement that he's received lousy customer service, but from what I can tell the shop, based on the time he picked up the car, did not have at its disposal at the time the event occurred, the resources to correct the problem. Had the shop said, "hey it's not our problem, go away", then I could see some justification for harping about lousy customer service.

It's an unfortunate event, but far from catastrophic. Id bet if the OP had driven the car for a day, gotten a screw in the tire, hed be back at the shop having the tire plugged and patched for $25 and been on his way. I doubt hed go order a new tire and have it replaced. To think the tire needs to be replaced is ridiculous; it just needs to be repaired. As I said, I can see where the OP would expect some compensation on the part of the shop to make sure the tire issue was taken care of. But to go on E90 Post at this stage early in the game seems a bit of an overreaction. As far as anyone knows, the screw may not even have made a hole the tire at this point.

BTW, I'm old enough to know there are starving people in the World, prior to the invention of the Internet.