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When you pay for a new tire, you should receive a new tire.
When you buy sctrach and dent product, you should have a discount for that, and decide if that is what you want or not.
The shop is imposing to patch the tire, when this is not what was paid for.

Let the customer unhappy, paying price of new for a plugged tire is not correct, is not fair. Even beying an accident the shop should assume responsability and deal with TireRack or eat that. I bet TireRack will tell they should keep the area clean, so this type of thing doesn't happen.

Someone here also talking about hunger in the world... Yes, there is hunger in the world, but why talking about that in this forum? Getting a pluged tire and paying for a new one will not help to solve the hunger in the world. I do not see the point why we should comply with incompetence of the tire shop because of the hunger in the world.

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