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Originally Posted by pauloxxi View Post
Someone here also talking about hunger in the world... Yes, there is hunger in the world, but why talking about that in this forum? Getting a pluged tire and paying for a new one will not help to solve the hunger in the world. I do not see the point why we should comply with incompetence of the tire shop because of the hunger in the world.

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Dude, it was just to bring some perspective to the issue that its just a screw in a tire that can be fixed or replaced; i.e. IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL. The OP is acting like a spoiled brat and just extending the sterotype that all BMW drivers are persnickity, anal-retentive pricks. Since I'm not one, I'd prefer the OP let the shop fix the problem when it opens for business tomorrow and stop banging on the shop on the internet.