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New Apex wheels installed today...

Wheels:Square 17x9 et30 Arc-8 - hyper black
Tires: 255/40-17 Summitomo HTR Z III
Suspension: Stock 335 Sport package

stock fronts, 55.2lbs

Stock Rears 58lbs:

New setup - 43lbs!! :rock:

Couple pictures! didn't realize till late that this isn't exactly a level spot.

Front fitment - perfect! (Pulled the alignment pins when I installed them, so gained a little camber)

Rear fitment - a space here wouldn't kill me, but it works for now with the square setup.

and with it actually on level ground..

I have intended to go lower, but discovered that might *not* really be an option with my driveway...

That's about an inch - with nobody in the car!
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