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[LTMW Content] VORSTEINER'S E90.2 Is Back From The Dead!!!!!!

Hi guys, so i've always loved the front-end of the E92, but I always just wished that the E90 chassis would've came with the front-end of the E92 stock from the factory similar to the E90 M3 but for a non-M. Well... last year when I became a part of E90Post, I came across a thread of seeing the front-end of the E92 on an E90 and at that time I didn't even think that such a thing is even possible but it was none other than the one and only VORSTEINER E90.2 kit.

From that day on I knew that somehow I had to have this kit. Unfortunately for me this was the only E90.2 kit that VORSTEINER ever produced. The original owner (magmd) sold the kit to a guy up in Norcal, which later on sold the car to a member on here. Surprisingly enough, the last owner of this kit decided to put his car back to stock, and so luckily for me the kit went up for sale, and as soon as I saw the kit was up for sale i jumped on it!

...long story short I called up the modfather(Long Tran)LTMW and asked him a ton of questions that I had, after that i finally pulled the trigger and took over the kit!!!

Overall, i'm extremely happy that I went through with this conversion and I think that my car has now officially got that WOW factor that I was looking for it to have I would like to give a huge thanks to Long, Melissa, Ivan and everyone else at LTMW that helped with this conversion...especially Melissa for putting up with all of my phone calls and last but not least mrj25 for helping me out with posting the pics

Please enjoy the pics and let me know what you guys think, thanks!

LTMW FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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