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Originally Posted by kpjo4 View Post
what base are you located at?
I am at ft Huachuca, in sierra vista AZ.

Honestly, just keep it stock. Nothing wrong with having a nice, clean, peppy car that isn't obnoxious.

My other car is similar to yours; good handling, practical, room, good looks, but not fast. I just did visual mods (HID, stereo, drop, wheels) and couldn't be happier. The power mods, as with your car, would be pointless and be embarrassing to drive with (loud but very slow).

I suggest some nice 19" wheels, drop, etc.
I would drop it but it is low as it its and the roads here are horrible. I have to drive really slow at times.. I already scrape the bumper I am not looking for it to be super loud or anything maybe a bit throatier but nothing obnoxious. I AM looking for better lights and how to level/balance them they aim pretty high haha

man u have a 5 series, f150 and a 3 series for dd. whoever gives you crap is stupid. lol. anyway, try going for a euro intake. ive read alot about it before actually buying one and seems like its the best intake (for me atleast) and i got a member here to install it for me which was great! goodluck!
thanks man I will ldo some research for that intake