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Originally Posted by jacksonite View Post
2011 335i coupe fully loaded Alpine white with red interior MT

10,600 miles. i got the car in june 11. went to vegas about ten times this year otherwise id have half the miles lol

full injen intake, with many custom cosmetics. planning on getting a catless downpipe and chargepipe but i am trying to confirm if it will throw a code on the dash before i get that done.

my navigation froze on the 3rd month, they had to replace the CRC which is that section below the DISC area where the rear sensor buttons are under the 1,2,3,4,5,6.

1qt oil had to be added every 2k miles which was annoying as fuck. But everything is all gravy now.
I'm currently burning a qt every 2k miles. What was the resolution for you?