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Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Some are, but read their recommendations carefully. They are saying that for casual users there is no advantage to the 50% increase in pixel count. I have a D800 and like it, but I might get a D600 if my D800 fell in the ocean or was stolen.
I am definitely not a professional but just shoot for a hobby but some professional are choosing to use the D600 over the D800.

Mostly because the D600 performs very close to the D800 for $1000 less. D600 is shown to perform better at higher ISO and it shoots a bit faster compared to the D800.

The only thing D800 has over the D600 is the higher megapixel, faster shutter speed, and more focus points. But most people don't even need anywhere close to 36MP and will rarely shoot in 1/8000s