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Originally Posted by onetwentie View Post
Mak - very impressive indeed! well done mate.

Originally Posted by onetwentie View Post
How long did it take you in all? where did you locate the unit and where did you install the USB port?
5 hours from start to finish. Their manual suggest 5-6 hours for installation.
Though I could have done it in 4 hours, but there was no need to break any clips / damage anything.
Unit was located in the glove box so you could access the USB port there.

I could have fitted it in stealth mode, but then you would need to extend the USB cable in that case.

Originally Posted by onetwentie View Post
do you know if its possible to hook up rear screens to the same unit?
If your rear screens are linked to CCC, then it should have same display as CCC. Adding this box should automatically link it to rear screens as well.

If you have not installed those yet, then you should be looking to something which fits with OEM CCC without alteration of anything and keep things plug and play.

Originally Posted by onetwentie View Post
I'm considering the CID upgrade as I had exhausted all other options, but not sure if I should do this instead - what was the cost of the unit and what coding (apart from the video in motion) was required?
Cost: refer to my post above.

Well it is down to personal preference
CIC vs CCC with Kufatec media box.

CIC, you may have to sell it with the car, unless you saved CCC and you know how to put it back to the car. CIC is brilliant TBH but cost you a lot considering fitting and coding charges.

CCC with kufatec is reversible and owner can always sell it own.