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Originally Posted by Sered
Originally Posted by Beemw335 View Post
It wouldnt do anything.
Theres holes in the pipe so that the sound could escape and get absorbed by the packing.
No holes= muffler delete. Plain and simple.
Yes, it would. Soundwaves, like lightwaves; when absorbed by a medium are then generally re-emitted by that medium as a new source. For soundwaves, this effect is most prevalent in what's commonly called 'droning' and generally requires lower freqs to do it.

So long as the packing is there, it is NOT a muffler delete. Will it be as loud as one? Almost I'm sure, but alot of the nasty rasp and drone that was previously absorbed by the mufflers will still be absorbed, just to a smaller degree.

Furthermore, wrapping the perf pipes with header-wrap will allow some sound through. More than solid pipes.

On topic: I'm still waiting for videos. I ALMOST got this done this weekend, but the gf wanted $600 worth of Halloween/Renn-fair costume and I bought a Kegerator for a party Maybe next weekend. If no one else wants to do this, I'll be doing it by next weekend most likely.
Whoa, 600 on costumes??

Anyway, hope to hear from you soon and hope that everything works out!!