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I have the Zimmermans as well. Put them on with Hawk HPS pads. I believe the rotors are coated with zinc, in other words, galvanized. No rust yet, but they have also not been through a winter. However they were visually identical to the OEM rotors removed (which showed no signs of rust on the hat either), so I am confident the OEM rotors were Zimmerman as well. The only difference was the roundel. The stampings for minimum disc thickness were so similar, it looked like it had come off the same production line (probably because they did).

The initial bite is reduced, obviously because the HPS pads are ceramic and not semi-metallic. However, I don't really like high levels of initial bite. I prefer a linear pedal feel and these pads are great for that. Obviously if you stomp on the pedal, the car stops - quickly. The dust is less than half as bad as it was with the stock pads. After two weeks it is just noticeable if you are standing next to the car.

I used the HPS pads on another car as well and I only put one set on in three years. The car was totaled, and the pads still had plenty of life left. I estimate that I drove about 40,000 miles in that time. I drove that car hard, and never had fade problems, however it was never tracked.