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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
I have added brake force display to my coding list. I have activated central light and few other lights to BFD.

What is BFD?
If you brake suddenly, the Brake Force Display feature warns the drivers behind you by illuminating a larger area of the brake lights, avoiding car crashes even better.

The brake lights themselves are divided into two zones. During normal braking, only one zone is illuminated. When heavy braking is detected, Brake Force Display increases the intensity of the brake lights by illuminating the second zone as well.
For drivers behind your BMW, the message is clear: the larger, brighter brake lights intuitively communicate a more urgent need to stop. The drivers of following vehicles have advance warning of a potential hazard ahead, and the extra reaction time reduces the danger of a rear-end collision.

Here is a quick video (please ignore the quality).

At the moment it is only for BMW 2005-07. I am working on the rest of the models.

I cannot recommend this enough to be honest, an ultimate must!