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Originally Posted by AndyR83 View Post

At this point, I called the police and the bank. Since the money had been sent as a gift on paypal, I couldn't get it back through them. The police asked me to break off all communication with him, provide copies of all text messages and emails, and get in touch with the bank. The bank conducted their own investigation and determined that this constitutes fraud. They were consequently able to reverse the charge this afternoon, resulting in my $500 being returned to my account.
Smartest thing to do. they will get him sooner or later. Might not be your case that nabs him, but one in the future or all of them together ends up getting these tools.

Originally Posted by AndyR83 View Post

He told me "money is tight" and he couldn't give back the whole $500. He asked if I would let him split it into two payments... then asked if he could do three... then four. I decided four checks for $125 was better than losing my entire $500, so I told him this would be ok.

An envelope arrived in the mail a few days later containing four post-dated checks for $125. But.... they weren't signed. I contacted him again to tell him abut this and he proceeded to send me a photo of his signature on a piece of paper telling me "sign it this way."
Bad thing to do. not sure your laws, but in Ohio if someone makes a payment on a personal debt, there is nothing legally you can do to get the rest. Just an FYI. Best thing that may have happened was him not signing them.

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