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Originally Posted by wonho View Post
Got a newbie question: I've had my star specs all season ~13 days, and they still have like 4/32 tread left. I felt their sweet spot was around 35 psi all 4 until recently the car got kinda squirmy, sometimes pushing, other times rears getting slippery. So I jacked up the rears to 38 and it stabilized somewhat, but overall the car still doesn't feel as good as it used to. I don't know if I'm simply pushing my car more than before, or my tires are heat cycled out. Should I try to use these for the Nov DE coming up or new tires? I'd hate to throw them out cuz they have decent tread left still...

Another question is, how important/effective is heat cycling new R-comps like TR does? I'm highly considering NT01s next.
You may as well use them for what I'd imagine is probably your final event for the year and just don't drive 10/10ths. 4/32nd is plenty of tread and while they may not grip as well as they did day 1, doesn't mean they're not serviceable. I'd keep them for Nov and look at a new set in the spring (assuming you have a separate winter set).

Also keep in mind, as these tires get older, the same pressure that worked for you in day 1 won't be the same down the road.
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