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Unhappy LTMW-Problem Fixed

Not that Iím trying to be a give anyone a bad rap, but Iíve basically been trying to get a hold of LTMW for two months-more specifically Long Tran, but I have emailed other people. Iíve called, left emails, and left more emails. A while back, Long told me that he could get me parts for my project and beat any dealer price, so I decided to call him up on it. I basically sent a list to him twice telling him what I needed, and he messaged me on the forum telling me to send him a list of what I needed in the same email that I sent him that was telling him what I needed. This was on the 4th of this month. Itís now the 22nd , not to mention the emails from last month, and the month before that. I called and was able to get a hold of Phillip at LTMW this morning, in which he told me that heíd be able to get a price for me if I called back this afternoon. I called back asking for Phillip, and it turns out that the one time that Long Tran is available he tells the clerk on the phone instead of talking to me (even though I had requested a few times in the past to talk to him); $400 for each fender, which is way more than what I would pay buying the fenders I need brand new from anywhere that sells them. I even told them I donít care if theyíre used, secondhand, etc, as Iím going to do have all the work done at a body shop and my car repainted. Iím currently deployed so itís very hard to call people ($20 for ten minutes), and email is no problem.
Maybe itís because I donít drive a 335i or an M3? I mean, I have the means and I was hoping to get lots of other parts from them, but nobody has made an effort at LTMW to email me back or to do business with me until today, and then I get a bogus price and the guy I want to talk to talks to me through someone else. I was never rude, and always waited around a week before contacting them again. I know other people have had great experiences with them, but why is it that I get left out?

EDIT: Long has clarified and gotten ahold of me. Thank you!

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