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If they let BMW run the Z4 GT3 with the 4.4L, it is complete BS. Do I want to see BMW leave But they should not be able to run a V8 in a Z4. If they want to sell efficient dynamics and have the next M3/M4 with a turbo 6-cylinder. Then man the f*ck up and develop a new car for ALMS. Using the Viper as an example to allow BMW to circumvent homologation rules that are in place because of BMW and the old E46 a joke. It is one thing to let the SRT Viper run an 8.0 V10 with an air restrictor, even though the GT class has a 5.5L displacement limit. But to let BMW run a car that simply does not exist in the dealerships is not right. It completely defeats the intent of the series, "race it on Sunday, sell it on Monday."

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