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Just adding a couple of words to make it easier to find via a search:

Auto I Drive Console Remove Ashtray Coin Stuck e92 335i how to

I had a coin stuck in my ashtray, the lid would not open or close.
I read through lots of posts on this and other forums and got stuck at the below pictured part,lifting the trim surround out.
I thought there must have been clips or something holding it in place.
Just needed some muscle.

After reading through all the other posts, it was then apparent that you need to really use a fair bit of muscle to pull that console trim off.
That's all that was holding me back, being too scared to give it some strength in case it got borked.
Make sure your armrest is back and pull up on the trim bit very firmly, it'll soon give.
Then, it's easy to take the whole thing out.
Oh, I had to put the shifter knob back on and shift into drive to have the trim surround clear the shaft,then pull the knob off again.
That doesn't sound right, does it?
Never mind,you'll see what I mean if you do it.