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VRSF Exhaust Installed. Pictures Inside


I got the opportunity by VRSF (Thanks Tiago, you are the man as always) to be the FIRST person to test out the VRSF exhaust on the car. I had to mow his yard, take out the trash, and pick up the dry cleaning for him for a solid 3 weeks to get it. So if you want to get the exhaust, i think he has made things tighter now.

The exhaust itself arrived about a month ago, but between the car getting work done and time contraints, i never got a chance to really get it installed. Once installed, getting the quad tips installed and everything took some time.

First Impression: After getting the exhaust installed, i was a bit worried because when I parked the car, i smelt burning from the car, scared me for a bit but than after a while went away. Initially the exhaust didn't sound any louder than stock exhaust with the golf tee mod, i was a tad bit disappointed but than it started getting better, once broken in.

The middle impression: I have a quad diffuser setup, so the tips it came with were useless to me, but till I could get the quads welded on, had to use those. The tips were inside the bumper, and that made the exhaust loud on the inside, almost sounded like a fart can, again a tad bit disappointed. Also I lost the tip on the left side, due to not tightening it correctly and a trip to a haunted house (car's to low to be on non-paved surfaces). Although it seemed to be the car did pull alot better with the exhaust. Butt Dyno says that

Current Impression: The car is BEAST now. I had to get the exhaust tips welded on (found a performance shop) but once those were on. The exhaust note changed though, sounded alot better, before the exaust tone wasnt leaving to the rear of the car (due to not having tips and muffler just staying inside bumper, even burnt it ). The tone is a very deep done, nothing like a drone or a civic. Sounds mean, not to loud. Just perfect . Car also feels alot faster and takes off

Installation Notes:
  • The Clamps need to be adjusted once on to adjust the exhaust, otherwise it wont sit right
  • One of the clamps need to be pushed into the heat shield (due to the exhaust being the way it is, and getting it to fit right, wont hurt anything)
  • You will DEF need a lift, dont try to do this at home, it will make things ALOT harder.
  • having 2 people for installation helps

Here are the pictures for you guys! I have one video I will post with the exhaust tone, i will get some more later this week. I am getting my interior redone and getting saddle brown installed

Exhaust waiting in my house for 2 weeks unboxed, it was so hard not to open it.

The unboxing begins

The good's, they look SOOO good

The installation and some pictures of the pipe's how big they are

All installed up! It was adjusted after this once, since made the mistake of tightening all clamps down first. So the pictures below, it does sit lower, but once it was adjusted, no issues.

Quads welded on, they are a little crooked, ill be going back to get them fixed once I get the car back

again I will have some more sound notes for you later on this weekend or early next week.

Hope you enjoyed! Again thanks to Tiago and the whole VRSF team to let me have the first one!!!

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