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Originally Posted by sammy_0559 View Post
awsome!!!! I'm getting it next!!

Guys it sounds amazing!

ask me how i know
we will def get you one on that beast brotha

Originally Posted by blisstik View Post
Looks like an AMS clone. I bet it drones around 2K.

Question: does it clear the stock X brace?
it doesnt drone too bad to be honest with you, i barely notice it. Nope it does not, had to take it off

Originally Posted by 335ikiid View Post
i did not know they were develping an exhaust!!
there are alot of things we dont know, just start mowing Tiago's lawn randomly!

Originally Posted by Simple3 View Post
Hopefully this gets tested on an automatic to see how bad the drone is. Would definitley pick this up if it had minimal/no drone!

Hey Tiago! If you need a tester for an e90 Automatic hit me up!
My car is an Automatic

Originally Posted by jazze90 View Post
What does this weigh? Looks pretty nice, how much?
its alot lighter than the stock I can tell you that much for sure

Originally Posted by Sered View Post
I didn't even know this existed. I was looking at building something similar as a custom a few months ago using a y-pipe and a Vibrant muffler and resonator with 3.5" piping.
why build when you have VRSF doing it all

Originally Posted by spoiledxjoker View Post
Interesting excited for results on an auto
I have an auto, ill get some sound clips!

Originally Posted by SfValley335i View Post
Cant wait for a 1 series exhaust
its gonna be sick

Originally Posted by zeel View Post
Are you on stock dp? I bet the note will sound much more aggressive on cl dp.
i am on stock DP's havent had a chance to install the DP's yet, will do those this weekend. Will def make it louder

Originally Posted by R 4 5 T 4 M 4 N View Post
AMS no longer makes it, so anyone who has wanted one can now get a comparable one. Coming from the guy with Remus tips on a muffler delete....
anything VRSF is good.

Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Looking good, can you estimate the weight of the system compared to the stock catback?

Also can you get some full-throttle sound clips (particularly on manual trans) with dual tips?

Definitely looking to pick this up.

lighter, i would wanna say atleast 35 pounds going by the arm scale lol

also will have some sound clips this weekend if car is back for sure

Originally Posted by Evil///M View Post
Very nice. I don't like mufflers though, I'd go with the HPF.
hmmmm well everyone has their own opinion on this. cant always mix and match

Originally Posted by Tzu View Post
Any pricing info?
tiago is the man on that! i think in the $7xx for official numbers

Originally Posted by dragazn View Post
Need a day to come out and hear this exhaust in person!!!!
you know your welcome anytime

Originally Posted by secretsquirrel View Post
Nice review, Mo. I assume you are running aftermarket dps. Is that correct?
nope stock right now, havent gotten a chance to install the Dp's back on yet

Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Very cool, thanks.

Would there be a discount if a person were to buy all of the VRSF products at once, DPs/FMIC/Exhaust?
Im sure Tiago would work with everyone, CS is his #1 quality