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Originally Posted by Tiago@VRSF View Post
We're going to work on offering a quad setup in the future. Right now they will be introduced with the single tips. I weighed it quickly a few weeks back but can't find it in my notes. I remember this being about 35-40lbs lighter than the stock system.

It's not yet available for sale, we're still waiting to fit the production version before this is ready to go. Pricing should be in the $7xx range once we calculate total cost involved in the project.
This, people, is an outstanding price. Based on parts cost alone, a similar setup I was looking at building would have been $500+ and it would have been with inferior piping quality compared to what I'm seeing in this thread and did not include labor for welding/mounting either. Helluva deal! Jump on it!

Nice job VRSF!
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