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Originally Posted by enrita View Post
nobody got it to work as far as i know with vishnu products. it has to do with the voltage of the sensor and the unwillingness of vishnu to change it , i understand since it would be something custom as well.
it was very close to fsb bms sensor so it worked right straight away with jb4.
Next time check on the forum before buying stuff especially if you have vishnu stuff, been there...
Thats not entirely true...I have mine working perfectly with my Procede 2.5 but I am using the PPS kit that I put together myself...I would help but I have no idea what to tell you to troubleshoot. I have the older Aquamist unit though in which I had to set it up with resistors for the yellow wire to Procede, and I know the newer unit has a voltage dial in which you can dial in the voltage you want outputed.. Mine is working flawlessly and I think Scott got his newer Aquamist flow sensor working perfect too, so it has nothing to do with the Procede and the integration of this flow sensoor I would say its wiring of some sort Chefcq1...