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I set it up like Scott and have it dialed down voltage wise. The unit is reading through the Procede as it is showing 46%. Wiring all tests except for the procede map switching the way it should.
I'll be honest and it has been a long time since I really played with the meth the way Shiv original set it up and back then there were 4 maps with one being the dedicated meth map. As I see it now I set map 1 as being off meth and map 2 as my meth map. I set the car to Map 1 with the injector mode % bellow actual flow. In my case flow being 46% so lets say set it at 35% and it should transition the way it should.
Am I wrong on the set up since it has been so long? Should I be on Map 2 to start? I'm just thinking I'm doing something stupid.
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