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Originally Posted by Bleep View Post
That's a lot of words but not much proof of anything. A bunch of handwaving about how BMW owners are more prone to whining about their issues. Enthusiasts are the minority for any major car manufacturer, BMW or not. I also doubt many owners here have consumer reports subscriptions where they can overstate their issues. You could say the same bs about how meticulous BMW owners are about their cars, but then they shouldn't break down as often should they?
...great. No more "handwaving". Please provide proof of BMW reliability. I am curious to learn how many 335 had HPFP problems or any other problems.
Please do not supply results from surveys that "test" customer's perceptions ( = NO REAL PROOF is required during the survey to show the car had problems or not) like JD Power.
Another very good example: Consumer Reports that gathers their data from [CR] readers that have the time or interest to fill their forms and send them back to the editors. This data is totally messed up...this sample ( of CR readers among the large mass of BMW owners) their data collection undertaken in a way to ensure that will allow valid conclusions to be drawn ? Not at all I would say....the vast majority of BMW owners (...go and check who these people really are or pay a visit to one of the dealers and take a look on who's buying these cars) are in their vast majority very busy people, people that don't have time for this ...after a 10- 14 hours of work per day believe me you don't want to read CR nor to fill in their stupid surveys. E90Post is not a reliable source either. This community is rather made of "enthusiasts" (that I appreciate as they are very informative ) and a gathering point for those I described last week. Here you also have a small but very prolific and troubled minority ("ragingclue" and others) that will post negative comments , many thousands of them, harassing anyone who has a different experience. Their large number of negative comments become later on a " a known fact" used against anyone who disagrees with them.
Again, the very few real data surveys I've seen ( coming from northern Europe where all technical incidents are required to be reported to a third party) show no big difference between BMW 3 series and his competitors.

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