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From what I can remember, the lights come with bulbs (LEDs for turn signal) for indicators, side lights and brake lights but you use your pre-lci assembly for the reverse/fogs (the boot lid section).

They will need coding, you'll have a warning light (bulb out) and the rear turn signal will trip out (with the fronts running double time) a couple of times when you first engage the them after start up. Once the car is running, they work fine.

Personally I didn't bother with the coding as, for me, they were only a short term thing before doing the LCI conversion and the error only occurred once (on each side) after you turn the ignition on - which I could live with for a couple of months.

I spoke with one of the guys on the forum that does coding and apparently its a 2 second job.

Hope that clarifies, any other Q's just lemmie know!

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Thank you for directing me to this thread and posting some night pics as well. Appears the corners of your MARS lights were dim as you mentioned. Did these lights come with bulbs or did you use your stock pre-lci?

From your posted pics, the only LED portion appears to be your turning signal. I ask because the verbiage used on MARS eBay shop appears to state just that - (Plz Attention) following (Item sold in pair(left and right), Bulbs may not fully provide)

See URL:

To clarify, I sent MARS an email a few weeks ago and received the following response.
Thanks very much for contact us.
Yes, we do have lots US customer purchase this lights from us via Ebay.
We not fully provide bulbs because you can still use some bulbs from your old tail lights
You can choose full red or full smoked for these lights
Best Regards
Thanks for visiting Mars Performance
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Mars Performance Team
My presumption is I can purchase stronger LED lights, since MARS is really only providing the housing+LED Turn signals. I also noticed in this thread another forum member that purchased MARS taillights had to get coding done. Did you have to do the same?

Appreciate your time. LCI conversion on your car looks awesome!! GOOD JOB!!!