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Custom Dyno Tuned - Results & Comparison inside! MarkD vs Cobb 93 OTS vs Custom Tune

I was previously on the MarkD tune for the last two summers. Overall I didn't have much complaints about it, but last week I explored the option of a custom tune using the COBB AccessPort platform.

This past weekend a tuner out of SoCal came up to tune a bunch of cars and I got myself on that list The Dyno being used was Magnus's Dynojet out in Woodbridge.

Since I only use VPower 91, this is a 91 octane tune. Power mods: CP-e FMIC, CP-e catless DP, Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust (catless), aFe DCI. no meth

My impressions after the tune - holy crap the car feels totally different. The 295 Pilot Super Sports are spinning all the way past 160! Here's the dyno sheet comparing MarkD (Baseline) to Cobb OTS "Aggressive" to Custom Tune

Custom Tune vs MarkD - Gained +12.4whp +70.2tq

To compare MarkD to the Cobb OTS map - MarkD is making about 9whp but severely lacking in torque. If you compare the plots you can see mid range torque that the MarkD map was lacking.

In conclusion, this Custom Tune rocks!

Car on the dyno:

LoL theres someone underneath the car.