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Originally Posted by R3dn3k Flyby View Post
You must think people are nuts for spending $20k-$30k on e30 M3's...

Not sure why you chose to make that post, but age has nothing to do with it.

The M3 is on its way to its new owner tomorrow morning. Given the fact it took one week to sell, I may have priced it a tad low.
No, I understand clean examples sell for a bit more than others. I also can understand the fact that an E30 M3 is more of a collectors car regardless of condition. But some people list cars with 150K for $10-12K. Prices for E36's are rising again. I was looking early this year and under 100K examples were going for $12K or less, now even higher.

E36's were never really priced above market value, and E30's have always been priced higher. I sold my 1986 325e with 230K miles for $5K! It is crazy how E30's hold their value