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Originally Posted by Itgb View Post
Good news, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the E92 M3 again next year. They probably want to spend the least amount of money before the F80 M3 is available for motorsport activites. Like others have said, with no Z4M, a Z4 ALMS car is rather pointless.
I see them running the E92 M3 one more season as well. BMW said they would have details before October. Now that October is almost over, I am guessing they ran into problems trying to convince them to allow the Z4 with a 4.4L.

Originally Posted by TexasZed4MC View Post
To say ANY of those cars are even close to a production car is a dream. Maybe they "say" they use the same engine block. We all know every part on those car are completely custom, from, engine internals, to suspension, electronics, all the way down the the width of the chasis.
No one says they are close to production cars. But they are "production based" cars. This is the entire point of the GT class. There are strict homologation rules for a reason. This isn't generic spec racing like DTM.