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Originally Posted by Enroutte
dude hollister sizes run small! abercrombie and hollister are the same company.. but hollister targets young kids 10-17 ishh so the clothing runs smaller.. im a small at most stores an XSMALL at american eagle.. but i wear a medium, sometimes large at hollister.

my guy friends who are normall small at american eagle wear medium at hollister.

dude your bf must get some good deals cause whenever i go to teh clearance rack for my guy friends, they mostly have the larges-xxl left which is wayy cheaper than most of their other clothing. i got some button up shirts for my boys for xmas for liek 10$ when they were normally prioced at liek 40$
lol he worked there for about a month during the holiday season last year so he got all of his shirts for like $9 each ahaha.