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Originally Posted by BMWLove86 View Post
Had an oil leak for about the last month and half (cracked valve cover). I did a oil change at dealer they said I could probably drive it for about a month with the oil change and come back in about a month to fix the oil leak (cost 1400 to fix). While I was going to get another oil change to buy me some more time to get the $1400 to fix the leak, car broke down and won't start. Took to a local shop they couldn't get it started, towed to dealer and they told me it going to cost $15000 to fix said the timing belt skipped or something and got sucked into the camshaft and cracked it something like that. Previously my serpentine belt snapped 3 times in about a month and a half the second time it was fixed by the dealer.
I would suggest to get a clear diagnostic in writing detailing what went wrong and the full list of parts that need to be replaced. Take pictures if you can.
I never heard of a timing belt ('s a chain actually = metal) "skipping", this is insane. If true then it might have to do with improper tension/ chain tensioner improperly adjusted. This is highly unlikely to go unnoticed. Same applies to belt drive. Both scenarios pinpoint in the same direction: bad and incompetent service/ vehicle not properly maintained.

Take what you can gather and contact BMW of NA for advice and a 3-rd party for a second opinion.

****Keep us informed.*****

PS. Real OEM shows a complete N54 at ~ 11k, not sure if this comes already assembled or not.

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