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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
If you're shooting everything inside and without flash, the 5DmkII wins for me, but again, if the flashes come out, the 7D becomes a big player because of all the flash control and such.
I'm confused about this statement Reed. You have as much flash control on the 5D2 as you do with the 7D... or am I missing something here?

In regards to the 5D3, I agree with Reed's comments. Honestly, If you're fine with owning a single body, it's overall better than both the 7D and 5D2 combined.

Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post

Thanks for reading. I feel lighter already
I think you need to switch to L lenses for some love.

In regards to your rant, we have a really good pro shop in town. They carry everything from 1D Xs to Leicas, Hassys, etc. I like to go in there to shop, but honestly, their customer service is lacking. Many are rude unless you buy from them, tax sucks, etc. I've found purchasing at B&H and Adorama to be a much better experience.

It's a shame you are in Canada and your options are limited, at best. I believe that Craig (the owner of Canon Rumors) is from Canada as well, so it can't hurt to send him a quick email and ask him where he recommends to buy and rent gear.

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