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When I get time, hopefully by the weekend at least, I'll search through the various past threads to research what people have reported and speculated. Like pits2000 said, perhaps it would be pertinent to compare other models' TC failures, or even other models' TC upgrades to accomodate built motors, significant increases in boost; what pieces were fortified, how they were fortified, why, etc.

If I recall correctly, a worm/cog interface was said before to be made of a type of plastic and could benefit from being made of a stronger material? I'll look into this more for better detail unless someone else wants to beat me to it with a post explaining this in further detail.

In the end, if your opinion based on expertise, experience and a first hand, up and close look is such that you dont see an upgrade as necessary, I'd believe you and I'll continue to push for the weakest link. At least until I get this damn car consistently into the 11s...