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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
Jon, was this on your 640i?

If so, the battery is detective or failing, or it wasn't charged properly before you left it. No way a new car should do that.

I often don't run mine for 2 or 3 weeks, even in winter parked outside, never an issue.

Sure a charger is fine for a winter layover, but no need for a couple of weeks or so.
The car is one year old, not new, but I agree that I shouldn't be experiencing battery problems.
Following an hour's run last Saturday everything returned to normal and I've had no warnings since.
Last night I was showing a friend all the fancy instrument lighting functions, after which we retired for several glasses of wine - five hours later I found that I'd left the side lights on, but there were no problems with starting this morning.
It probably just touched on the low-voltage warning trigger point when I was away and the 200+ miles I've covered since has fully recharged it. Nonetheless, I shall still give it a monthly topping charge as a matter of course.