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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
I have to disagree with this.

I have sent a over $3000 through a paypal gift with no issues buying something off a member on here. I've done this on a more than regular basis for items worth small amounts to some items worth quite a bit.

Then again, these are members who have had a lot of feedback (not as many as me though), thousands of posts (not as many as me though lol), and pretty well known for the most part (not as me though haha).

It's all who you're doing business with.

But yes, do not do a gift if the seller has low feedback/little to no rep.

Glad you got your money back from the bank!

Andy, shoot me a text when you see this post. I'd text you, but it's 3AM your time lol
So you're basically agreeing with me lol. I may use PayPal gift, but only if the person is reputable.