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Originally Posted by MarkD View Post
What do you mean it was not helping? He was totally satisfied with it back then so it had to be helping. It was not a custom tune. And back then, the torque at lower rpms had to be limited as the transmission ECU which is built into the tranny would cause a fault and limp mode. Cobb is most likely adjusting parameters in the tranny ECU. What I supplied was as good as you could get back in May 2011. And it's not what I flash into an auto car now.

You must be pretty dense if you are also comparing a custom tune done on a dyno with an off the shelf one, and a more recent one at that.
Have you ever though about asking the OP if he would like an "updated tune" (like you suggested above). If you claim you can hit same power levels as the Cobb/Custom, I would have thought you would have cared to share it with your customers. 70ft-lbs torque is a lot to gain and I don't recall the tranny ecu being that restrictive to hold back on that much of a power gain.

What cars have you "flashed now"? If I remember correctly, you never really posted a proper dyno of your tune. Darin's dyno is pretty much the only one I have seen that shows the numbers of your flash. I was also under the impression you do custom tuning before flashing peoples cars. You are saying you just buy off the shelf maps?