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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
I think you need to switch to L lenses for some love.

In regards to your rant, we have a really good pro shop in town. They carry everything from 1D Xs to Leicas, Hassys, etc. I like to go in there to shop, but honestly, their customer service is lacking. Many are rude unless you buy from them, tax sucks, etc. I've found purchasing at B&H and Adorama to be a much better experience.

It's a shame you are in Canada and your options are limited, at best. I believe that Craig (the owner of Canon Rumors) is from Canada as well, so it can't hurt to send him a quick email and ask him where he recommends to buy and rent gear.
Its not Canada in general since Ontario got a lot of Henry's stores which pretty much have it all. As a matter of fact, i'm going there for the weekend, but dont think I'll be shopping much. Family-related event with the War museum and Civilization museum on the menu

It wasnt a problem at all when I was dealing with Nikon Canada directly. The rebate was so worth it, it was a no brainer. It was easy to get (at least) your money back when you sell your stuff a year or so after.

Now that our deal with Nikon is terminated, that became a problem. I might seriously consider Canon for my next body. But now that I got the full Nikon arsenal of lenses; I dont think I will switch for the next couple of years.

Not that I think that I would lose that much, but i'm in love with my D800 and dont feel like changing something that already works for me.

Besides, shopping with B&H is very smooth and they got a kickass customer service. Adorama is less attractive for me since they ship UPS and UPS are very greedy when it comes to imports. They charge a stupid brokerage fee that is often higher then the taxes billed by the government. B&H ships through purolator and its cheap and they dont make additionnal money on our backs.

I still can get what I want, but you always have to think about reselling value in case you dont like what you bought. In my case, I buy then I try. Always a gamble supported by online reviews and such.
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