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Originally Posted by DESI4life10 View Post
Have you ever though about asking the OP if he would like an "updated tune" (like you suggested above). If you claim you can hit same power levels as the Cobb/Custom, I would have thought you would have cared to share it with your customers. 70ft-lbs torque is a lot to gain and I don't recall the tranny ecu being that restrictive to hold back on that much of a power gain.

What cars have you "flashed now"? If I remember correctly, you never really posted a proper dyno of your tune. Darin's dyno is pretty much the only one I have seen that shows the numbers of your flash. I was also under the impression you do custom tuning before flashing peoples cars. You are saying you just buy off the shelf maps?
What exactly do you know about the ECU that is built into the auto cars? I had tuned some autos in July 2010 that has so much torque at lower rpms that the tranny ECU triggered a fault and put the car in a limp mode. That is why the torque was reduced in most of the auto tunes until some changes were made in the summer of 2011.

I had flashed two particular cars where the agreement with the owner was that I would pay for the dyno plus give them a discount on the tune. Darin was one of those people, (the other was a white 335iS 6MT) but both never took the car to the dyno even after I asked on various occasions. Darin got his tune on May 9, 2011 and I expected him to get to the dyno within a few weeks so I could post them here, but it never happened. But now he posts this dyno comparison and trashes the tune. That is disappointing when I was paying for the dyno and gave him a discount as an incentive. (same with the white 335iS)

And of course I offered Darin a new updated tune, but he never came to get it. This is part of my email to him from November of 2011:

I was also wondering if you can take the car to the dyno since that was part of the deal for the discount you got.
I also have a new, more powerful tune for auto cars now .... we could possibly dyno it also.

The changes made were for his mods, but it was not tuned on the dyno. If he had taken it to the dyno I would have made an update for it.

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