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Originally Posted by dstrick View Post
Sooo 3 separate tickets today. Tinted license plate cover, 41% tint, 77/55 reckless on 64 in the bend near Rosemont towards Lynnhaven where he always sits. How do they pick one surrounded by 30??? Think I might go back to the Grand Cherokee. Too much temptation... This will be third in just over a year. Definitely going back to driver improvement and I doubt that will be the last!
wow...that sux man....41% tint are you serious?? trooper was definitely just pickin' there.

Originally Posted by gatoraviator View Post
Damn man, sorry. I guess I've been lucky. Knock on wood. I topped 90 in a 50 on shore drive coming home from work the other day. Yes, temptation always wins.
had the d-bag grin on your face while doin' it too huh?