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Originally Posted by import36 View Post
wow...that sux man....41% tint are you serious?? trooper was definitely just pickin' there.

had the d-bag grin on your face while doin' it too huh?
Thanks guys but the thing is it's just a huge money maker for them. U can't get a 100 yards down the highway without seeing one unless of course someone stole yours then good luck. I don't care much about the fines / new window tint but damn those dmv points. 5-11 years on your record now. I wouldn't complain as much if i had gotten caught at 80 plus or racing but 77, 70, and 76 on the interstate is frigging ridiculous. There is only one reason for a 55mph interstate... Income! Florida is 70. BTW sunroof was open so its not like he was suspicious about tint. Just another ticket quota met.