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Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Mob you know you said I need those pin connectors from BMW... are those the same ones in the 1st pic above (between the Crossovers).. they've got pin connections either side of the small wire..
Nah, the ones in the pic are jumper pins, to use when separating out the front channels.

So to enable plug and play (and reversible) you need these parts:

4 x 61130006664 - pin contacts attatched onto 18" wire
2 x 61138373583 - plugs

Insert 2 of p/n 61130006664 to each plug and solder the other side onto the morel terminals. Just make sure you connect each -ive morel terminal in to the same side of each plug.

These parts are for an E90 but im pretty sure we have the same wiring. Just double check when ordering the parts.