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Thanks guys but the thing is it's just a huge money maker for them. U can't get a 100 yards down the highway without seeing one unless of course someone stole yours then good luck. I don't care much about the fines / new window tint but damn those dmv points. 5-11 years on your record now. I wouldn't complain as much if i had gotten caught at 80 plus or racing but 77, 70, and 76 on the interstate is frigging ridiculous. There is only one reason for a 55mph interstate... Income! Florida is 70. BTW sunroof was open so its not like he was suspicious about tint. Just another ticket quota met.
Sorry to hear that, the cops out here tend to be real hard asses. I get cops coming in my store and they sometimes will walk around and look at peoples inspection. I've had 2 cops tell me about my tint on my car. Needless to say I park my car in the far corner of the parking lot and not in front anymore. They just find excuses to hand out tickets for dumb shit.
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