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Originally Posted by BMWLove86 View Post
Here is the service report I did my last oil change at the dealer for the car almost a month ago. The guy told me I could drive it for about a month then come in to get the leak fixed.

Well Valentine since we all know your name address and phone....

1. I would never let Joe Perillo touch my car with a 1000 foot pole. It might be a lil out of your way but there are some really good dealers in the Chicago area/suburbs

2. How long did you know about the crack since it says it's a previous quoted issue and why didn't you fix it right away?

3. If I were you I'd contact another dealer like Bill Jacobs or Laurel and get a 2nd opinion. Did I read right that you were doing an oil change every other month because of your oil leak??

4. Call up A&L or some other shops recommended in the regional forum. They'll get your car fixed for much less than $15k. I asked Boyce Bodywerks about your issue and they can probably fix it for less than half.

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