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Originally Posted by roundel335 View Post
My 07 E92 was built August of 06 and just turned over 40K miles. And I'm far from stock - I work from home and don't put that many miles on it. When I do drive it, I don't abuse it, and thus far, the only repairs BMW has made are HPFP and a steering angle sensor, both under warranty. So not everybody's early N54 "blows up" at 45K miles - it may be next year before I get to that point, but I'm not anticipating any trouble.

In the case we're discussing here, I don't think we're getting the full story.
Mine is an aug 06 build as well. I have 74k miles.

Hpfp replaced once at 60k miles
Turbo boost lines replaced at 60k miles
Turbos replaced at 74k miles

Those were the only problems I've had. Maintenance all preformed on time based on CBS data.

I think aug 06 built cars were a strong build. Despite the wastegate problem.

My n54 going strong