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Originally Posted by spiike32 View Post
Well Valentine since we all know your name address and phone....

1. I would never let Joe Perillo touch my car with a 1000 foot pole. It might be a lil out of your way but there are some really good dealers in the Chicago area/suburbs

2. How long did you know about the crack since it says it's a previous quoted issue and why didn't you fix it right away?

3. If I were you I'd contact another dealer like Bill Jacobs or Laurel and get a 2nd opinion. Did I read right that you were doing an oil change every other month because of your oil leak??

4. Call up A&L or some other shops recommended in the regional forum. They'll get your car fixed for much less than $15k. I asked Boyce Bodywerks about your issue and they can probably fix it for less than half.
No he should look into if he still has warranty because his inservice date is 10/14/2008. That was a great pick up by the other members of this thread I might add. OP call BMW na to find out about your inservice date and if your still under warranty.
That is simple enough and takes all of 10 mins. If you are, the ball is in your court because all of your problems will fall under warranty. Again great catch of the inservice date guys.