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Originally Posted by bpsu07 View Post
Now buy my wheels so you can have 18x12 in the back!
I wish! I would love those wheels
Originally Posted by Cuba View Post

what are you dropped on?
Sonic tuning coilovers up front and bc racing in the rear
Originally Posted by ianbiz View Post
your fenders

but car looks sick
Front fenders have been replaced since these pictures were taken
Originally Posted by jonnylin1 View Post
amazingly done! what's your camber in the fronts?
I have no clue lol, ill be getting an alignment in the next week so ill be sure to let you know

Originally Posted by RicheyBMW View Post
That background is beautiful. Downtown where? Miami? And nice ride too.
Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
Looks great, but man those fenders are fucked up =/
Yeah, I finally got around to replacing the front fenders
Originally Posted by sbce90 View Post
Nice specs, but can't help but feel it would look better on a different design of wheels - like something with dish/lip.
I completly agree, it would, just wanted to try something different, a little more OEM
Originally Posted by QUiKSR20 View Post
Needs more camber

Sorry man to each is own but you just ruined the handling of that car This car is no longer the " Ultimate Driving Machine "
Soo... im not running 15 degrees of camber, like the picture you posted, but i feel like my car handles very well compared to my last evo.. which was set up for autocross. So i dont see how ive ruined it, but feel free to have your opinion.
Originally Posted by project335i View Post
I like the aggressive look of the car and the stance. As most know I am into stance but to do it properly is one thing and most people can't. Your fenders are fucked and with all that camber, if that was not the case it would be great and done right. But as of now that ruins the look that a clean stanced car is suppose to achieve, fix that and it will be proper bro
Im not sure if you are referring to the front or rear fenders.. the fronts were replaced after taking these pictures