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Originally Posted by 07siv View Post
I finally got my car back after a week sitting at the dealership. They did cover it under CPO warranty and waived my $50 deductable b/c I complained about it. The car really does idle smoother etc BUT the slight hiccup issue is not 100% solved. With the valve cleaning its not as rough and noticable but I can tell the slight surge is still present. I will just have to live with it.
same thing here man! i actually just took it back in because of the slight hiccup, the tech cleared the adaptations and performed an idle calibration, that actually helped ALOT! he said he bumped my idle up 150 rpm. I dont even notice the hiccup anymore. He said thats the best he could do without any codes showing up. It took them a week to get it back to you?! Thats crazy! they had mine back to me the next day!