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ISO 50 on Digital Cameras (Canon)

I have a curiosity, given that I have no real experience with modern DSLR's yet. I understand that the 5D and 1D series, maybe some others, have ISO 50 as an "L" option.

Does anyone use this?

Coming from film prior to my XTi my mindset is lower ISO = best quality / least noise.

However, some people have mentioned that ISO 50 is not a "real" ISO, but that it's ISO 100 "pulled" via software/firmware to adjust for what the sensitivity would be at ISO 50.

So my questions are:

1) Does anyone use ISO 50 on their camera?
2) Has anyone compared ISO 50 vs. ISO 100 shots and see any difference?
3) Does this even matter in the DSLR world?
4) Can anyone comment on the pulled ISO 100 comment vs. actual sensor sensitivity for ISO 50, or point me to any technical articles or whitepapers on the subject?

I am really interested in the actual sensor tech behind this, so I'm not being a smart ass in question #4 I am also very interested in the potential effect on IQ of a "true" ISO 50 vs. a software emulated ISO 50.

Keep in mind this is coming from someone who's shot film, and a 6 year old Rebel XTi which has ISO 100 - 1600 only, and I shoot lower ISO's due to old habits and the fact that my XTi high ISO performance sucks even if you nail the exposure - and REALLY sucks if you underexpose even slightly.

I shoot mostly landscapes, getting into shooting motorcycles (but this is still sort of landscapes), night shots, etc. I've noticed even night shots, I do at ISO 100 and long exposure, in order to minimize noise.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Are my views obsolete or valid?