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Originally Posted by Tiago@VRSF View Post
I'm honestly not avoiding it. I'm just avoiding answering triggz. He serves no purpose in here but to be a pest and the mods have already removed an entire page of his trolling.

I've stated plenty of times that most of our products are made overseas and I've always been open to it. These are made in China along with 90% of the other major brands that sell on this forum. ETS & AR are the only ones that make their products domestically.

We offer a lifetime warranty and I'll guarantee the product will outlast the ownership of your vehicle. With a lifetime warranty on fitment and durability there's nothing to worry about. If for someone reason someone decides to discriminate a product based on it's origin then there's nothing I can do but you should realize that the computer you're currently using along with almost all of the items you use on a day to day basis was probably made in the same country these pipes are coming from.

AR makes great products and I'd definitely recommend them if our pipes were unavailable for purchase. With that said, we've sold over 400 sets of these pipes and have dozens of glowing reviews.

Its sad how people automatically associate china with low quality, when in reality almost everything is made there nice work keep it up you guys are doing great
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