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Originally Posted by BKsBimmer View Post
OH PLEASE!!! Mitt Romney does a great job all on his own of making sure nobody knows anything about his vision for anything. He hides EVERYTHING!! Still waiting for the tax returns... He has litterally been on every side of every important political issue. Somebody please name something he hasn't been for before he was against or vice versa. He flip-flops more than an old pair of shoes 2 sizes too big. He will say anything he thinks the audience before him at the moment wants to hear. He proved that in the last 2 debates. The third debate was downright shameless. He agreed with the president so much I actually thought we was going to endorse him!

Who the F*#K is Mitt Romney, really???? Somebody please tell me. I'd REALLY like to know.
You seem a bit angry (and delusional). Would it be the upcoming ass whipping the Choom Gang prince is going to experience that did it? Just checkin'........