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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
You'd really like to know?

Ok, what if somehow, you could get a magic machine, and when you aim it at a person, it would render them completely incapable of lying? (think something vaguely along the lines of Liar Liar movie with Jim Carrey). I know it's a crazy hypothetical, but humor me for a minute.

Let's say you did that, aimed it at Mitt, and then you could spend as much time as you want, asking him whatever questions you want. You could spend hours grilling him on anything.

Honestly, is there anything he could say while in that condition, that would get you to support him over Obama ? Unless the answer is absolutely yes, then I'd respectfully submit that you probably dont really care who the F*%k Mitt Romney truly is, your mind is already made up.
I'm not a Romney supporter. I'm sure I've made that clear on many occassions. That's news to no one.

But I would think for anyone who is a Romney supporter this man's constant waffeling on every issue would be very disconcerting. How do you know which Mitt Romney you're voting for? The fact that no person here has yet answered that question to me is very telling.

It's pretty obvious you HATE Barrack Obama with a passion. But you have no idea who this man is other than he is not Barrack Obama. And this time around I guess that's good enough for Republicans. So it's okay that you don't know who he is or what he believes in or if he has any core convictions other than wanting to check off being president from his list of accomplishments.

Is that really good enough for you? Really?